Increase Efficiency

by automating the announcements for boarding processes, general information and for ground handler

Increase Customer Experience

by making announcements in over 29 languages and using additional data to inform about additional topics

Reduce Operating Costs

by reducing the effort required to make announcements and to manage the systems significantly


  • Using existing Infrastructure

    Thanks to state-of-the-art IP technology, PAXGuide uses existing cabling, loudspeakers and IT infrastructures. Thus, no costly rewiring is necessary.

  • Modular Designed

    The PAXGuide system is modularly designed which means that it can be specially assembled with your required modules. This allows the system to be perfectly tailored to your own needs with interfaces to several other systems.

  • Automation in >29 languages

    Automatic announcements can be output in over 29 languages to ensure that every passenger can understand the announcements. In addition, one of the best text-2-speech engines on the market can be used for maximum flexibility.

  • Interfaces to all major PA systems

    Interfaces to: Bosch Praesideo / Praesensa / Paviro, Honeywell Variodyn D1, TOA SX-2000 / VX-3000, Dynacord Promatrix 9000/8000/6000, IED Globalcom, G&M, Biamp Voica

  • On-Premise & Cloud

    PAXGuide is available as On-Premise or as a lean cloud-based solution.